Welcome Home.

We all have a duty to work harder. Not just to encourage Governments to implement environmental policy. Not just to recycle our own waste. Not just to lift each other up. These are all things we should be doing every day by conscious choice.

The duty we have is to work harder for our world. To be genuine stakeholders in the present and the future, rather than passengers on a journey we do not control. To understand and enhance our environment, rather than trying to work around it.

Cynefin provides a challenge we can rise to in unison. To preserve land, plant trees, and establish sustainable communities. To find new ways in which we can make the most of our environment by enhancing our approach to it – and by bettering ourselves in doing so.

While many efforts are being made in this area, in particular with regards to forestry, there is significant room for improvement in the methods being used and a route by which forestry and agriculture can be encouraged to step away from reliance on state-led subsistence models engineered through common agricultural policy which, in some cases, promotes idle land custody.

In truth, our time to actively pursue change is limited (and decreasing by the day) yet we can still take the steps which start the journey to a better future. Individually this presents a challenge beyond most of us. Collectively, however, we can and will succeed.

Cynefin is a welsh word which, in essence, means a place where the nature feels right. A place we belong, together. Home.

Welcome to what will become Cynefin Charitable Foundation.

James Patrick


asphalt dark dawn endless
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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